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Thank you for choosing Support your Students!  We wanted to give you a little more information about what we do and the service that we provide to your school!

We (From the Heart) have been doing fundraising with schools for years now, but we realized as soon as coronavirus hit the U.S. in the Spring of 2020 that we needed to begin to explore safer options for the schools we work with and the students that sell our products.  We needed a way to provide the same custom jewelry without the brochures, order forms, handling of money, or having to pass our products.  So we got to work preparing a website that could serve as that portal, and Support your Students was born! 

Our teachers are still able to see how much their students have earned for their school at the click of a button.  They are able to encourage their students and see who is struggling.  They are also able to keep track of what's being sold instead of having to wait until the very end.  We provide all sales data to the school as soon as the fundraiser is over to give our teachers a chance to verify the information.  Their students are able to gather points towards prizes as they sell and the school makes 40% of every sale.  

We ship every order directly to the customer for free. That saves the customer money and allows us to start working on their order right when it is placed instead of waiting until the fundraiser is completed and order forms are turned in.  Which means you may receive your jewelry before the fundraiser is even completed, but we do ask that you give us 3-4 weeks to assemble your order. We also take care of all of the credit card processing fees for every transaction. There are zero additional costs that are passed on to the school. 

We also custom build a website for each school.  We create a minimum of 24 custom pieces with the school logo, 12 of which can be customized further by the customer with either an initial charm, relationship charm, sports/activities charm or even a custom charm with your own custom text. 

We hope you have fun creating your unique piece of jewelry and shopping for something that you love while supporting your students! If you have any trouble with the website or have a question about your order, please reach out to us at the numbers below! We thank you for your business!

Support your Students- Fundraising From the Heart
Production- 3804 S Elm Place- Broken Arrow, OK 74011
Administration- 7200 Industry Drive- North Little Rock, AR  72117
PH 1-888-708-1090